Christmas is an annual holiday of the entire world. This festival is celebrated on every 25th December not only in India, but also in all around the world. Mostly this is festival is celebrated by Christian community people but everyone liked this festival and this is observed by everyone.

The god Jesus was born on this auspicious day on this earth. People celebrate this great day with full of joy and happiness. Christmas is a festival of celebrity, celebrated throughout the Christian population. Christian people bring the Christmas tree on their home and decorate with lights and ornaments. Some people decorate to church with colorful lights and do great decoration on this day to display. Santa Claus comes as Jesus born and distributes presents, candies, gifts and fruit among the children. Christmas Day is very famous day of the world.

People celebrate this day with great manner in the happiness of coming god Jesus on the earth.



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People give and take gifts and cards and wish to each other “Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas” Many people go to church and pray for them and their family.

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