Rajasthan is known as the most colourful state of India. Most of Rajasthan is a desert and the nature does not provide right flora and fauna. The vivaciousness of Rajasthan is reflected due to the right, colourful apparels of the Rajasthani people. The golden hue of the sand is made attractive by the colourful clothes, traditional jewellery and ethnic foot-wear.

Costumes of Rajasthan:

The clothes of Rajasthan are styled to suit the hot, dry climate of the desert. The men usually attire in dhotis or pyjamas, kamarbandh or patka, angorkha and the respectful pagdhi or turban. The women wear ghagda-choli with udhani. Kurtis are also worn by the women. Cotton fabric is mainly used for the clothing. Dyeing is very popular in Rajasthan. Tie-n-dye is the trademark of Rajasthan. Vibrant colour patterns are dyed to splash the canvas of Rajasthan in vivacious shades and use.

The men folk of Rajasthan are very proud of their pagdhis which denote the status of the wearer. The knotting or tying of the pagdhi requires great skill and Rajasthani excel in it. Mozris or jootis are the famous foot wear of Rajasthan which are made mostly from camel skin. Shoes are main attractive by exquisite embroidery which velvet or brocade lining. These foot wears are in demand worldwide. Camel leather also used to make the boot and historically is known to used as jootis and for the purpose of bracing the foot and ankle.

Jewellery is worn mostly by women but the men of Rajasthan wear ear studs, gold chains, strings of pearl and the most coveted of the less affluent is the silver hangli worn as a bracelet. Rajasthani jewelery has its own distinctive style and pattern which stands out proudly.

Precious, colourful stones and diamonds are used to enhance the beauty of the ornaments. The Rajput preferred their daggers and swords to be jewelled with precious and colourful stones. Silver and gold jewellery are also of common use. Bangles are sold in abundance at all festivals and fairs of Rajasthan drawing huge buyers. see a women in traditional rajasthani dress in this photo.

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