Famous Dances of India:

Dance is the art of present feeling and act using the physical and visual movements of body parts. Its very popular and important part of rich Indian culture. A popular belief is that Brahma the creator of the world composed Natya shastra(a fifth veda of Indian holy books) by taking literature from Rig veda, songs from Sama veda, abhinaya from Yajur Veda and Rasa from Atharva Veda.

It explains various nounces, mudras and emotions of a dance.
India has rich and different culture in different part of it. Due to the changes of culture, language and devotion dancing styles is changed in various area and region of India. Beside all of these the aim of dancing is common to express feeling and devotion.

In India there are two major categories of dancing- Classical and Folk. Classical dance is the root of Indian dancing and folk dance is based on the region of India. Here are the list of main and famous classical dance of India-

  • Kathak – North Indian Classical Dance – UP
  • Bharatanatyam – Tamil Classical Dance
  • Kuchipudi – Telugu Classical dance
  • Odissi – Orissa Classical dance – devotion to lord Krishna
  • Kathakali – Malayalam Classical Dance
  • Manipuri – Manipur Classical Dance
  • Mohiniaattam – Kerala Classical Dance
  • Sattriya – Asamese Classical Dance

Region wise folk dances of India are:-

1. Eastern India- Chhau (Bihar), Brita Dance (West Bengal), Dalkhai (Orissa), Goti Puas (Orissa)
2. Northern India- Dumhal (Jammu & Kashmir ), Hikat (Himachal Pradesh), Bhangra ( Punjab )
3. South India – Padayani or Paddeni (Kerala), Kummi and Kolattam (Tamil Nadu)
4. Central India – Gaur Dance, Muria Dances, Saila Dance, Karma Dance, Kaksar Dance

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    i am a kathak dancer

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