Dasha Mata Vrat : 

Dasha Mata Vrat is dedicated to worship the goddess Dasha Mata. It is a most popular festival of the State of Gujarat this is the day which is a time to worship the goddess and maker happy by doing ritual activities during the festival. In Gujarat during the time of this festival people live by taking a one time of meal. They fast for this goddess. They pray and organize the tales of Dasha Mata in early in the morning and in the time of evening they engage themselves by playing the Garba Nratya.

There is a myth behind this festival of Gujarat. According to Hindu Mythology on that time goddess Durga killed a demon Mahishasur and it was the victory of good over evil. Dasha Mata is one of the forms of goddess Durga and represents the goddess Durga. They worship Dasha Mata for ten days by doing various religious acts during the time of this festival. Dasha

Mata Vrat is observes mostly lower society of Gujarat. It is a time of women who engages in various ritual performances. In Garba dance people dances with colorful cloths. They dance on folk and devotional songs of Goddess.

Though Dasha Mata Vrat each of the years major celebrated in the state of Gujarat but it is also performed in other parts of the country in the month of Shravan of Hindu Calendar.

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