Dashain festival is the biggest festival of the Nepal. Dashain is celebrated in the month of ‘kartik’ by the Nepali people. According to Nepalese calendar Dashain festival is the longest and most auspicious festival which is celebrated by people of every caste from Nepal.

Dashain Festival of Nepal :

Dashain festival is the fifteen days celebration which is start from the bright lunar fortnight and it ends on Poornima. The first nine days of Dashain festival is called as ‘Nav Ratri’.

In those days goddess Nav Durga’s nine forms are worshipped by devotees. Dashains first day is called as ‘Ghatsthapana’. It means establishing a ‘Kalash’. by days passes on seventh day ‘Kalash Parade’ is conducted which called ‘Fulpati’.

The eighth day of Dashain festival called as ‘Maha Asthami’. People keeps fast on this day. The ninth and tenth day of Dashain festival are called as ‘Navami’ and ‘Dashami’ respectively. On the last fifteenth day people stayed at home and take rest. The day of Poornima called ‘Kojagrata’ and it means – Awake.

Dashain festival is the sign of a triumph victory of the Gods over the cruel Demons. For example goddess Durga killed the

Mahinsasur demon who terrorized the whole Earth by doing bad works.

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