Lord Vishnu is a very famous Hindu god and his incarnations on this earth are very popular. Whenever demon tries to make slaves to any human Vishnu came to destroy them in his avatar.

First of all he came as Matsya Avtaar (The Fish) then second time he came in Kurma (The Tortoise) avatar. Third time lord Vishnu came in avatar of (The Boar) Varaha. In the fourth avatar god Vishnu came in (The Human Lion) Narasimha avatar. At fifth time Vishnu came to this earth as Vamana (The Dwarf) avatar. Then sixth time Vishnu taken avatar of Parshurama (He was an angry man with an axe).

Then seventh time lord Vishnu came in avatar of lord Ram (The King of Ayodhya). Lord Krishna (of Mahabharata times) was the eight number avatar of lord Vishnu. At the ninth time Vishnu came in Gautama Buddha (The Enlightened Master) avatar. The tenth avatar Kalki is yet to come to the earth. It is said that Kalki avatar will come to save the dharma and destroy the bad things over the earth.

Here are the Names of 10 (Ten) avatars of lord Vishnu:

1. Matsya Avtaar
2. Kurma Avtaar
3. Varaha Avtaar
4. Narasimha Avtaar
5. Vamana Avtaar
6. Parasurama Avtaar
7. Lord Rama Avtaar
8. Lord Krishna Avtaar
9. Buddha Avtaar
10. Kalki Avtaar

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  1. suthakar
    August 21st, 2012 | 8:34 pm


    kindly send the story of Ajitesh mythological name of vishnu. When god called as Ajitesh. please send brief story

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