Deepawali Festival of India:

Diwali is known as festival of light. Houses are decorated by lights and lamps during this five days festival. Firing



firecrackers is unique and very enjoyable activity. Lots of fun and excitement could be seen over the face of people. This is the main festival of Hindus. Legend behind this festival is that on this day Lord Ram return to Ayodhya after 14 years Vanvaas and killing of demon Ravan. People of Ayodhya lights Deepak of Gee to welcome their king.

Five day celebration of Diwali start with pooja of “Dhan Teras” followed by “Roop Choudas”, “Diwali”, “Goverdhan Pooja” and “Bhai Dooj”. Each day has its own significance and importance. Whole festival is actually dedicated to goddess laxmi. She is the giver of wealth and prosperity.

Firing Firecrackers is one of the main exciting activities performed by people. At some places it is band due to smoke and

air pollution by firecrackers.

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