Holi festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of Phalgun month. This day is known as a Purnima. It is a full moon day. Holi festival is celebrated by different names in all over the parts of the India. All regions have a diverse cultural system. So they celebrated it with their own rituals and traditions.

Diverse Names Of The Holi Festival

Holi In USA

Holi In USA

1). Lathmaar Holi

It is celebrated at the Barsana place. Barsana place is related with lord krishna’s birth and his childhood period.

On this occasion men and women play holi with each other and it is tradition to hit men by Lath. So, it called Lathmaar Holi.

2). Dhulandi Holi

It is celebrated with a lot of charm in the Haryana. Here, it supposed a festival of Bhabhis and Devars. Bhabhis have a freedom to beat their Devars on this occasion. This is also called a revengeful holi.

3). Breaking The Pot Tradition (Matki phod Pratiyogita)

It is a one of the most joyous tradition of the holi festival. Mainly, it is celebrated in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat with a great verve and fair. Here is a tradition to hung a buttermilk pot in the streets. Men make a pyramid to break the pot.

One man climbs on the top of the pyramid and he breaks the pot with his head. During this time women sing folks songs of holi festival. They throw a lot of water over the men who try to break the pot. It is such an enjoyable tradition.

4). Basant Utsav

Holi festival is observe as a basant Utsav at the Vishwa Bharti University in the states of Bengal. The University was founded by Rabindra Nath Tagore. He is a writer of ‘Rashtra Gaan’. On this occasion, in the early morning students carry out a parade and they decorate the campus with rangolis and a beautiful lighting.

In the other part of the Bengal a Dol Yatra festival is celebrated on this occasion.

5). Hola mohalla

It is celebrated by the Sikh religion. This tradition was started by the tenth Guru of the Sikhs which name was Guru Govind Singh. From that time it is being carried forward with spiritual belief. This tradition is

a symbol of physical strength of Sikhs.

6). Yaosang Festival

It is celebrated in the Manipur region. It is a six days festival in a colorful approach.

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