It is fact for all the religions of the world that every life comes to an end through death. This is a natural aspect of life and the last rites of a person are considered to be of great importance. In the modern day life when everyone is so busy with the life, there is hardly any time left to learn about the many important aspects of life and death is one of them.

When death comes suddenly to a person, many people do not know what to do and how to perform the last rites. The information about the death rituals of Hinduism are present in the Garuda Purana which is the authoritative text on death, dying and various post mortem rites.

When a person dies, the purohit or the priest of the family must be informed about it along with all important members of the family. If there is no family priest then a priest must be appointed to guide the last rites of the dead person. Till the family members gather and last rites can be performed, ther must be continuous chanting of the mantra Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. You can also play a CD of the mantra so that it can be heard by the dead as well. If this mantra is not possible then any mantra of God or bhajans or may be recited continuously but they must be full of emotions.

The dying person must be transferred to a new grass mat on the floor. This is particularly true of death takes place at home. There are two reasons: the dying person must be in the arms of Mother Earth and that he must be as close to nature as possible so that the vibrations of mantra can reach him for as long as possible. The bed on which a person dies must be discarded and no one must use it afterwards. Some drops of Ganges water or Tulsi water must be poured in the dying person’s mouth.

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