Lord Vishnu Sleeping

Lord Vishnu Sleeping

The festival of Dev Shayani Ekadashi is a celebration when lord Vishnu commences from the resting or sleeping time period. There the word of Dev referred for lord Vishnu and the word of Shyani is referred for sleeping or resting time.

Ekadashi is the day when lord Vishnu commences from his sleeping time from the Sheshnagh the one hundred headed divine serpent of Hindu Religion. This day of Dev Shayani Ekadashi comes in month of June-July according to English calendar.

Lord Vishnu sleeps under the water of ocean and the water is called as the name of Nara so the lord Vishnu also known as the name of Narayan. Dev Shayani Ekadashi is an auspicious day of Hindu religion. There is a saying that when Lord Vishnu left the resting time it is the time for new season for every living being. During this festival people engages with various type of acts like donation, charity, worship the deity of lord Vishnu, helps to poor, gives meals to Brahmins and other ritual or religious activities.

Dev Shayani Ekadashi In Year 2014: 8 July

The festival Dev Shayani Ekadashi is an important time of ceremony for every Hindu person. This is a day when people try to make happy Lord Vishnu by his good “Karma”.

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