Dhanteras is first day of a biggest festival of lights called Diwali festival in India. Diwali festival is one of the major and most celebrated festivals of India.

This festival celebrated for five day and Dhanteras is beginning of this gorgeous festival of India. Dhanteras is also famous as various names like Dhanwantari Triodashi and Dhantrodashi festival. Here ‘Dhan’ mean wealth. Dhanteras observe on the thirteenth day of waxing phase of moon in month of Kartik according to Hindu calendar.

Legend Behind Dhanteras :

There is a beautiful legend behind the celebration of Dhanteras on occasion of Diwali festival in India. Once upon a time there was a king Hima. He has a son and according to his son’s horoscope it was declared that he will died on fourth night after his marriage. When Hima’s son got marriage on the fourth night his young wife arranged a plan to refuse the horoscope of his husband.

She arranged numerous gold coins and jewelry in front of the door of their bedroom and lighted numerous lamps in each corner of room. She tried to awake her husband for whole night by singing and telling him stories. When ‘Yama’ king of death came to die her husband in the form of a serpent he became blind from lighting of room. This failed to serpent for bite her husband. This was the cleverness of young wife and after it this day started to celebrate as a festival of Dhanteras on occasion of Diwali.

Dhanteras Festival In Year 2012 : 12 November

Dhanteras observe each of the year on thirteenth day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month of Hindu calendar. This is first day of five days celebration of Diwali festival in India. In year 2012 this will be observe on 12 Nov.

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