Dhanteras is a first day of the five day event Diwali. It is celebrated at thirteenth night of the month of aswin/kartika. Dhanteras the name is refers for wealth. Dhan means money; it is a day of goddess Laxmi. People worship for wealth and prosperity on this day.

The celebration of this day has also an exciting story behind it a sixteen years old son of a king Hima predicted by his horoscope that he will die at the fourth night of his marriage. But on the particular night her cleaver wife gathered so much gold and silver in front of door of the room and lighted diyas in various places.

When Yama the king of death arrived in front of the door his eyes blinded with the lights of diyas and jewelries.

Thus, his wife saved his life by her cleverness and after it celebrated as a day of festival Diwali. There is another myth that Lakhmi born by a churn of sea of milk by devas and assures. The day of Dhanteras is a day of worship of Goddess Laxmi. The day is also known as a name of “Yamadeepan”.

Diwali is a biggest festival of India and it started with the festival

of Dhanteras. So we can imagine the significance of this day.

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