The Dhanteras festival is celebrated two days before Diwali. “Dhanteras” actualy combination of two Hindi words Dhan (Welth or Money) and Teras – 13th day of month according to Hindu Month calendar. On this day people do worship of Welth God “Kuber” and Goddess “Laxmi” too. It is starting of five day celebration of great Hindu Festival Diwali.

Ladies makes rangoli and design Kolam at doorstep and place of Pooja also. On “Shubh Muhurat” (good time) Pooja and worship is arranged with whole Family.Money, Gold and silver Jewelry is also worshiped by putting them in “Pooja-Thali” (Pot of thing of Pooja). Women cook delicious things for the dinner.

Dhanteras Wallpapers :




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