Diwali is not only just a festival of India but also it is a beginning of Hindu New Year. Diwali is a celebration of New Year according to the Indian mythology. It is a five days celebration. Third day of the festival is a most important day of celebration. It is a day of diwali night.

Diwali as A New Year:

On this day the month of kartika the last month of Hindu calendar. On this day merchant closes their old accounts and starts new ones.


Diwali is actually celebration of Lord Rama who was returns back to Ayodhya after fourteen year of exile with her wife Sita. This is a festival comes after twenty day of festival dassera and at the thirteenth fortnight of month Ashwin – Kartika of Hindu calendar.

At the night of New Year celebration people wear new clothes and be prepare for worship of goddess laxmi. Fourth day of Diwali festival is a day of beginning of New Year according to Hindu calendar.

Diwali is also called as an Indian moonlight day of diyas and lamps. In this ceremony people celebrated rituals of Indian mythology about the festival. On the night of Diwali enjoy with firecrackers. It is an occasion of greetings and blessing to our best wishers.

Diwali is a most popular festival of India in all around the world. It is festival of joy and lights. So enjoy it with good feelings and new

energetic and positive thought as a starting of New Year.

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