The festival of lights is known as the name of diwali, deepawali, deepshikha parva etc. It the festival of five days, during these days’ people prays to the goddess Laxmi and remembers the Lord Rama.

It the occasion of Hindus, Sikhs and jains. There are so many reasons to celebrate this occasion but mainly it celebrates in memory of returns of Lord Rama after victory and banvas. At the time of diwali festival different types of cultures gather together and celebrate the night.

On this festival people joy with traditional activities as like rangoli, using firecracker, lights and decoration of houses. In the season of dewali people buy new diwali calender for the new journey of the life.

Hindu Diwali Calendar:

According to the Hindu calendar diwali is the last festival of the year, so it is also a very important part of the diwali. After the ending of the diwali Hindus start their new year. In the sense of the significance of the festival of diwali people take long wait for the festival for this purpose of well known of the celebration day Hindu diwali calendar is a very crucial part of the festival.

The Hindu diwali calendar basically depend upon the cycle of the moon, it is different from the western calendar so the dates of the festival varies between Hindu calendar and western calendar. For example diwali falls in the month of the ashvina and kartika of the Hindu calendar and it showed in the month of October and November.

Diwali Calender :

  1. Diwali In Year 2012 : 13 Nov 2012

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