Diwali is the festival, which consist many parts of joyful life and colors spread out in our journey of victory against the evil.

The festival is the festival of belief in god and goodness in all over the world. It is the celebration of lights and colors as like our real life imagination. On this day The Lord Rama returns to the home Ayodhya, so people celebrate in respect of him.

Diwali Rangoli:

Rangoli means colorful art of an individual who make it on the floor in front of the door in welcoming of god. It is an imagination process of an individual, who can take it in any prospect according to his thoughts or ideas to make it so much attractive and glamorous.

Ragoli is also known as the name of Alpana in bangal and Kolam in south India. Rangoli can create in any pattern according to the creativity or thinking power of an individual personality as like he can make fish, flowers, sun, moon, snakes or any other memorable designs.

In Andhra Pradesh there is a famous pattern of eight petal lotus (ashtapad kamal), in Maharashtra shankh kamal is very famous and in Tamilnadu hiridaya kamalam is very famous pattern of rangoli. In different types of area there are different types of patterns popular.

Some creative people make their rangoli in geometric patterns like the use of lines and dots to make it different.

Rangoli is the most important part of the festival of diwali, people should have to look it as not only a design or creative mind’s convertibility but also look it as a design of happy and peaceful life.

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