Diwali Celebrations In Norway :

Diwali is the main celebration of Hindu people across the world. Whenever they would be, don’t celebrate their traditional customs and festivals. Across the world Norway is beautiful country within the equalization of all kind of religion. Here “Sanatan mandir Sabha” is a Hindu religion Association that organize various Hindu religious Customs and festivals.

All kind of Hindus like Gujaratis , U.P. families, Bengalis and Tamils from shri Lanka are resided their. Sanatan Mandir Sabha Temple is the Unique and central Significance of Hinduism over there. It is located at Slemmestad, outside of Olso.

Moreover Vishva Hindu Parishad is also a registers association over there. These associations are promote and organize Indian culture, Music, Dance, Customs and rituals over there. Enjoy the Festival of Diwali within the Indian and Hindus People in Norway.

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