Diwali celebrated on Kartik Amavasya (according to Hindi calendar) so fire works are played major part on Diwali festival, which explodes in the dark night. There are many varieties of crackers in the market in which some of the famous are Rocket.

Diwali Crackers Fireworks and Rockets :

Crackers or Fireworks are special part of diwali celebration. Colorful and attractive sound crackers rise fun and pleasure of the diwali festival. Everywhere in India people like to take pleasure in fireworks or Crackers.

Crackers are liked by everyone because diwali is incomplete without fireworks. Crackers are fascinated to both young and old. Some of the crackers look so attractive when they lightened. Fire Crackers generally placed on balcony and open ground.

Rocket is a very interesting Cracker. It is the most famous cracker. It is like by everyone. When we look in the sky Rocket flies high and burst opens into an umbrella of colorful embers, it is really looks amazing.

You think as many small lights are raining down towards them. Fire Pencil is one of the best crackers of the diwali festival. It is safe and without noise. It is a suitable cracker for children.

We all enjoy the pleasure of crackers (light and sound) but when disaster strikes the injured has to bear the cross. When you’re going to set off fireworks at home this year, please read precautions through the guidelines before going.

There are some very simple precautions for happy and safe Diwali:

  1. Store your fireworks in dry place
  2. All lamps and candles are put off when nobody is likely to be around and do not to leave lamps and candles burning all through the night.
  3. Do consider and ensure that burning candles or lamps are not near any material like cloth, wood and paper.
  4. Rockets should be burn in open place carrefully.
  5. Please use incence stiks to burn fireworks it is safe.
  6. Do not wear polister cloth when you are going to burn fireworks.
  7. Keep distance fireworks
    from children.

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