The festival of diwali is the universal festival for the Hindus and other communities. At the time of the festival people follows the traditional activities which are require to celebrate in the sense of the religion of the Hindus, so they always wait for the dates of the festival because it is the five day festival.

DiwaliAccording to the Ramayana on this day the lord Rama who won the lanka returns to home after fourteen year banvas. Diwali celebrated in the welcoming of the lord Rama. According to the Hindu calendar it comes in the season of or the month of kartika/ashvina which is according to the western calendar it comes in the month of October/November.

We can’t go to the future because of human limitation but we can just imagine the future situations according to the changes moving in current time or era. Previously in the time of The great epic Ramayana’s era people celebrate the festival very softly and with getting love and

wishes to each other and now days it celebrating with the pollution of air and sound problems. In current days we are just making the festival as an enjoying tool or joy able day.

According to the current environment of the festival we can imagine the future night of the festival of diwali. on diwali we can imagine there so many types of decoration equipment will be available, there will be much more improve firecracker will be available.

In short we can imagine the near to the technical situation of the future diwali festival in this year.

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