The ceremony of this festival celebrated in the year ending of the Hindu calendar. This is the celebration of five days, the main day of the festival is third day it is day of prayer of goddess Laxmi for the peace and wealth. Third day of the celebration is the year ending day of the Hindu calendar, on this day merchant closes their accounts and prays the goddess for their business expansion and success. After third day on the fourth day merchant starts their new accounts for the New Year.

Diwali In 2020 : 14th November

On this festival all persons performed the some special rituals which are something different from the other occasion such as people lighted lamps in a row and at the all dark palaces to remove darkness from their life. They give blessing to the goddess of wealth the sign of prosperity and to Ganesha the obstacles remover from our life.

And many more rituals have to be performed on this festival by the communities like joy of firecrackers, go to temple for blessing, meet and greet with the relatives and give those gifts and blessing and start new business and buy new elements to run the life in a batter way etc. All of these duties or ritual we have to perform on this day we have to perform in future date of diwali 2020, which is November 14th.

Expectation of The Diwali Festival In Year 2020 :

On the day of diwali people enjoy with lights and fire works which make it very harmful night of the country of the year and in the festival night of 2020 it will be much more pollute and noisy with the loud sound of firecrackers and music plays on the night however, after 10 years the

technology will be very advance in sense of diwali festival. It will make the day very dangerous for the country so we have to go for a choice of peaceful, without noisy, without air pollution diwali. We have to light just diyas.

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