Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. The festival is the occasion of dissipate darkness and evil from our life and the spreading brightness around the entire country. The festival of diwali comes about 20 days of the festival of vijayadashami the day of demon Rawan killed by the Lord Rama.

When Diwali Festival Comes :
The day of lights comes in the month of aswin/kartika, the day of without moon present in the sky called amawashya. This is the darkest night of the month comes after 15th day of the month of kartika.

Why Diwali Celebrated :
The festival celebrated in returns of the Lord Rama with his wife Sita after his 14 year of exile and the victory over Lankanaresh Rawan. After his coming the people of Ayodhaya were being delight so they burnt firecrackers and decorated diyas at their homes.

Diwali In Year 2022: 24th October

The festival will be celebrate each and every year in future whenever the people will be alive on the earth and universe because of the significance of the festival. In the year of 2022 it will be enjoy by the people with the performance of ritual activities as like making rangoli, burning fire works, lighting of diyas and candles and praying goddess laxmi but that types of the ritual activities will be change in the 2022 because of the influences of the high and new productive technologies. Diwali will be come each year and we will be celebrate it as like today but the

main object of the diwali shoudn’t be lose by use “the festival of lights inner values of soul.”

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