Diwali festival is the brightest festival of lights and decorations. The second name of the festival is deepawali.The festival is the harvest festival of ancient India, probably it is the most popular and well celebrating day of the all world.

In bangal a state of our country this day is the day of maa kali the goddess of bangal and some thing that it is the celebration of goddess laxmi who was getting marriage with Lord Vishnu. The Lord Ganesha the symbol of wisdom is also prays by the people on this day for their bright and good future.

This is the festival of gaiety and frolic very popular among children, youngster, old age group, rich, poor, villagers and for citizen. The festival is also popular for rangoli patterns on the floor, decorations in houses and for new accounts for merchants and for sharing of sweets and best wishes.

Diwali in Year 2021 : 4th November

This is the day when Lord Rama crowned as the king of the wisdom of Ayodhya after the victory of true over false. This is the day of forget and forgone by avoid bad things done by the enemy. It is also a day of rise and shine in the sky as moon or sun to perform well things for the humanity. So we should celebrate the festival in year 2021 as a part of the festival and follow the main purpose of the festival.

Safety Ideas For Diwali Festival :

In the year of 2021 the festival will be very modern according to the lifestyle of the communities, may be they will celebrate as a high decorative and

energetic styles. It may be very harmful for the human beings in the sense of noise and air pollution. So we will have to organize it with safeguard and cares.

Enjoy the diwali as an inner illuminates tool to light up your soul and spiritual wealth.

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