Diwali is the festival of joy and the day of greetings. It celebrated from the era of the great Indian story of Ramayana. In this era it was started as the victory of lights on the darkness.

The festival of diwali is the festival of five days, at the time of these days people enjoy it with the performance of various rituals popular on the festival.

The festival of diwali is also celebrated by the Janis and Sikhs. Janis celebrated it as the day of nirvana of The Lord Mahavira the 24th thirthankar of the religion. And Sikhs celebrated it as the day of return of Guru Gobind Singh to Amritsar from the jail of Gwalior.

Gift of Dry Fruits On Festival of Diwali :

The ceremony of the festival is celebrated in all over of the world by the people as the occasion of joy and delicious sweets and dry fruits. Without dry fruits we can not make the festival a ceremony of delicious affairs. Dry fruits are the integral part of the festival after sweets.

Dry Fruits Available At Markets :

As an elegant diwali gift dry fruits are the best option to give whom, which very close to our heart may be our relative or friend. In current time there are many options to give a box of the dry fruits as a gift such as almonds, cashews, pistachio, and khurmani etc.

We can pack the dry fruits in the delicate bags or color design boxes in various quantity to make this diwali the memorable day of the life. We can give a special card with the gift of dry fruit to increase it importance with true love and best wishes.

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