West Bengal is the sweetest state of India according to sweet makers of this state. West Bengal is also known for its big population. In West Bengal there is a different tradition of Diwali festival than other state. People of West Bengal worshiped goddess Laxmi after five days of dussehra festival on the Purnima night which is also called as full moon night. In West Bengal people celebrate festival of Diwali on new moon night of Amavshya.

Diwali is a time of gaiety and aggressive in west Bengal. At the time of this festival people decorated their houses with rows of diyas and candle. In West Bengal Diwali is a festival of three days but first two days celebrates as gambling, feasting, lights and decoration, and fire crackers. The most important day of this festival is Amavshya a day of goddess Kali.

Kali is a goddess of darkness. Kali destroyed all demons and darkness. People of West Bengal that time worshiped for Kali to remove their entire problems of life by destroy the darkness. At this time people do not believe to purchase new cloths or new items or any other new things. They just decorate their houses for welcoming of goddess Kali. People make colorful rangoli design and hang a bunch of mango or marigold leaves in front of doors. West Bengal is also

popular for Bengali sweets. People of this state make their festival special by preparing special Bengali sweets.

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