Andhra Pradesh is not only an oldest state of India but also an oldest ritual state of India. Diwali is a most imperative festival of Andhra Pradesh.

Diwali Festival In Andhra Pradesh:

The festival of Diwali revolves around worship of goddess Laxmi for batter prosperity and fortune for entire life. During the festival of Diwali Andhra Pradesh looks so charming and magical state of ritual activities.

In other state of India the festival of Diwali starts in evening but in Andhra Pradesh the celebration of this night starts early in the morning. As like other state the celebration of diwali run for five days in Andhra Pradesh too but celebration style is unusual here than other state.

In Andhra Pradesh people make bath their buffalos on diwali day. People visited to temple for good fortune and starts enjoy with fire crackers and greetings early from the morning times.

Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad are the major cities of Andhra Pradesh for celebration of Diwali occasion. At this time people of those cities make this festival something special by their special ritual activities. Fairs and exhibitions are organized in various part of Andhra Pradesh to make this festival fantastic.

People decorating their houses with rangoli, preparing

delicious dishes and sweets, enjoying with greetings to relatives and friends and exploiting fire works to show their joy.

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