Assam a state of India is a gateway of northern India. Assam is state of various and diverse culture and communities. Assam became a state of various celebrations of festivals because of its differential cultures. Assam located on the river Brahmaputra. In Assam the festival of Diwali celebrated by people with very enthusiasm and energy. Assam is also known as goodwill of tea plantation in big gardens.

Diwali Festival in Assam :

People decorated their houses with various types of eclectic items and with row of diyas. They decorated the doors of houses with leaves of mango and marigold. In Assam people celebrate the festival of diwali for five days as like all over India. People prepare sweets and delicious dishes to serve to goddess laxmi and for goddess kali.

In Assam people organized fifth day of the diwali festival as a day of Bhi Duj, it is a festival on which sisters marks tilak on forehead of his brother and wishes for his welfare. They celebrate it as a magical and charming way. The festival of diwali is celebrated by people to worship for goddess Lakshami and goddess kali for good fortune and peace. According to them it is a day of victory of good over evil. They celebrated their joy with fireworks like atom bomb, chakkers, air firecrackers etc.

Tejpur and Kajiranga are cities which celebrate this festival with tremendous way. All places of those cities look so much beautiful at Diwali time. People make rangoli in front of the door for welcoming of goddess laxmi. In Assam people enjoy the festival of diwali with greetings

and blessing to each other. On this occasion they get ready for celebrate it with a charming way of celebration.

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