Diwali Festival in Bihar India:

Bihar is a state of rivers in India. The great river of India named Ganga running from Bihar. The celebration of diwali In Bihar is a magical way of showing the luxuriousness of this festival in all over the India. In Bihar the festival of Diwali celebrated by five days as followings.

First Day –
In Bihar the festival of Diwali started from Dhanteras also called as the name of Dhanvantari.

Dhanteras is festival comes before actual day of Diwali. The goddess Dhanvantari presented after Samundra Manthan. Dhanvantari means goddess of wealth. People pray her for health, wealth and for prosperity.

Second Day –
In Bihar the second day of Diwali festival is celebrated as a festival of Choti Diwali. Choti Diwali enjoy as like a festival of actual Diwali day. People enjoy with few of fireworks and with designing of Rangolis.

Third Day –
Third day is a major day of this festival. In Bihar it’s celebrated as worship of goddess Laxmi. On this day people got ready with new cloths. They organized the celebration with lighting of thousands of diyas in a row. They give blessing to each other for sharing their feelings according to the festival.

Fourth Day –
In Bihar the fourth day of the festival is celebrated as the festival of Goverdhan Pooja. This is a festival of Goverdhandhari the Lord Krishna. Goverdhan Pooja is a very special for people of Bihar because it is related to Bihar. It celebrated by people because Lord Krishna lifted the Goverdhan Parvat for saving people of Brij.

Fifth Day –
In Bihar fifth day of this occasion recommended as a day of Bhai Duj. The day is a day of sister to pray for welfare of their

brothers. On this day brothers and sister celebrate it to make strengthen their relationship. In Kishanganj, Pataliputra and Masaurhi are major places for celebration of Diwali. People of those cities enjoy this festival with traditional way.

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