Goa is a beautiful state of India. The festival of Diwali makes it more delightful and joyful. The festival of Diwali is a one day festival in Goa. At the time of Diwali people of Goa makes so friendly because of people believed in pleasurable relationship. Diwali is a festival in Goa known as the name of Narakachaturdashi festival.

Legend Behind Narakachaturdashi :

According to the mythological stories of Hindu religion Narakasur was a demon. He was come to the earth and terrorizes the people of villages by killing and captures them. People of villages feared with his terror. Than Lord Krishna killed Narakasur and got freed villagers.

After his death people of Goa came into festivity mood so they celebrate the day of Diwali with lighted their houses by diyas and decorated by leaves and rangoli. People of Goa make a wood and paper made Narakasur and place that icon to a ground. The paper made Narakasur filled with fire crackers and grass. Than they burn it and remember the Lord Krishna.

In Goa Bhaubija celebrated as a part of Diwali. That day they enjoy as a day of New Year. The day celebrated with Akashdiv (sky lamps). At that time people prepare sweets at their home and spread among their

neighborhood and relatives. People of Goa make this festival memorable with organizing rituals behavior.

Diwali is a day of victory of good over lifting of darkness.

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