Gujarat is a extremely growing state of India and most developing part of India. Gujarat is widely known as a state of business class families. The festival of diwali makes Gujarat so beautiful and charming state because people of this state commemorate it as a part of their life. People of Gujarat celebrate this festival with best feelings along with our rituals.

Diwali In Gujarat India :

In Gujarat the festival of diwali prearranged for five days as like other state but people of Gujarat make this festival memorable for all country. First day of this festival they celebrated as Dhanteras. Dhanteras is a day of worshiping goddess Laxmi for batter fortune and peace of their life. Second day they celebrate as Kali choudus the day of pray to goddess kali for remove their problems and difficulties of life.

Third day they celebrate it as Chopra Poojan on this time merchant closes their old accounts and ledgers. Forth day of this festival is most vital day for Guajarati’s as a day of Bestavarsh. Forth day is celebrated as a New Year in Gujarat. Fifth day of diwali people of Gujarat celebrate as Bhai Dooj a day of brother and sister relationship.

On Diwali juncture all communities of Gujarat makes it so charming by their magical celebration style of festivals. That time merchant decorated their shops so stunning and housewives makes their house attractive. People enjoy the festival with fireworks and greeting to relatives.

Vapi, Ahmadabad, Jamnagar and Anand are the major

cities on which the festival of diwali celebrated as brilliant celebration of five nights. Gujarat is also famous for delicious sweets and dishes to make this festival special.

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