Jammu and Kashmir is also famous as the name of heaven of earth. Jammu and Kashmir situated at the top of the map of India. The festival of Diwali celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir with plenty of joy. At the time of Diwali festival Jammu and Kashmir looks more pretty and beautiful than other state of India. Jammu and Kashmir is in nature a beautiful place in the whole world.

Diwali Festival In Jammu and Kashmir :

We can just imagine the festivity of Jammu and Kashmir at the time of Diwali. The fairs and festival reflects its beautiful and diverse culture. Jammu and Kashmir is the paradise of earth. Jammu and Kashmir celebrated the festival of Diwali as like other parts of India.

At this time they arrange their house beautiful and clean. At the Diwali night people make themselves good looking by new cloths. They give greeting cards and good wishes to their best friends and to relatives. Kargil, Leh and Ladakh is the most popular place of Jammu and Kashmir. Kargil is a place symbol of India’s victory over Pakistan in 1999. All those cities celebrate the festival of Diwali with Indian traditions.

People also follow the rituals of Diwali festival with a good manner. They make and drawing their houses with Rangolis. Housewives prepare delicious food at this time to make her family happy. This is the time of greeting and meeting for good fortune of their life. On the festival of Diwali a

magical smell spread out in air of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s made people much happier than other days.

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