Karnataka is a place where the festival of diwali celebrated from ages of our country’s culture.

At the time of diwali people organized this festival with so much enthusiasm and joy as a victory of righteousness over darkness. Karnataka is a one of the most ritual state of India follows all traditions related to our culture.

Legend Behind Diwali Festival :

Once upon a time there was an emperor the great Bali who was so much powerful on the earth. He was the person who threat to silence of universe. To cut down his power devas (minor gods) went to the Lord Vishnu and said to them about Bali. Than Lord Vishnu reached to Bali as a short Brahmin (The Vaman Avatar) and asked him for “give me as much land as my three footsteps would cover”.

For a Brahmin’s respect Bali allowed him to measure three footsteps any where in universe. Than Lord Vishnu resumed as omnipresent and covered all heaven from one footstep and all from another one. Now he asked to Bali for last one. Bali offered his head to Lord Vishnu. Vaman sent him to underworld.

The popular onam festival is also a same festival as like this festival in Karnataka. The festival of Diwali symbolized pageantry and splendor in Karnataka. At the time of Diwali festival housewives

cleaned and decked their houses for great festivities. Entrance of house decorated by leaves and by flower for welcoming of god. All people with their families go to temple for worshipping and for blessing. the festival of Diwali is being a crucial part of our culture.

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