Diwali Gifts For Little Boys:

Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India with full of festivity and enthusiasm. Kids plays very powerful role in celebration of Diwali. Their dressing up new clothes, fire cracking and eating sweets like activities explores the charm of this festival. Apart from this they also wait for their Diwali gift from their elders. Giving then same of old fashion gift may list you in boring persons list of them. So try to give something special and different to them to see a flashy smile on their face that can finish your tiredness of festival in a second. Here are some ideas about Diwali gifts for kids as follows-

Fire Crackers

It is the most appreciated gift on Diwali especially by little boys. But make sure that they should not dangerous and they are of good quality.


Another welcome Diwali Gift idea for children is Educational, music or children’s movie DVDs and Videos. It should be the child’s area of interest.

Video Games / Game CDs

You may give them a nice video game or game CDs as a gift for Diwali. Please make sure that the game CDs are good for children and are not violent in nature.

Chocolate Hampers

Go in for chocolate hamper containing loads of chocolates, cookies, cakes and toffees, if you are not sure about the kid’s interest. Buy popular brands and variety of flavors if you are not sure of child’s taste.


You may gift dictionary, atlas, children’s encyclopedia

or kids magazine subscription to a school going kid.

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