The festival name of Diwali is popularly known in North India where as it known as a name of Deepawali in South India. In North India it is celebrated in rajasthan diwalimemory of Lord Ramas victory over devil Rawana the king of Lanka.

After coming of Lord Rama from fourteen year banvas it is celebrated. In North Indian diwali it is celebrated with five days.

On Diwali night we can see rows of lights decorating by diyas and candles. In north Indian parts like Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Himalaya there is a tradition of gambling cards to make goddess happy.

In North India the Ramlila a dramatic performance of Ramayana is organized in all northern parts. It is a common known program at the festival of diwali to celebrate it with our ritual thoughts.

At this time Bazaars are open early in the morning and decorated with malas, leaves and with many more. People go to market to buy pooja items, decorative items, toys, lamps, diyas and electric items etc.

Commonly it is a festival of joy and a day of

firecrackers with loud sound and effective lights. In evening people go to their pooja room and make bless the goddess Laxmi for wealth, health and bright future. It is also a saying that goddess Laxmi visited only well decorated houses with cleanness.

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