Diwali in South India:

The festival of Diwali in South India celebrated as a victory of Lord Krishna over a demon Narakasur, who had spread out fear among people. In South India the festival of Diwali celebrated in Tamil month of thula on the day of Naraka chaturdashi. In South India it is also called as Kolam parva.

On this ceremony houses are decorated with Rangoli designs, flowers, betel nuts, betel leaves and with kumkum to attract spiritual power. Diwali is the festival on which people joy with their all family members. The festival of diwali commenced early in the morning in South India. The oldest members of the family spread oil in heads of all family members than all members take bath with youngest members of the family.

After ritual activities performed by people dressed up them with new and well design cloths. They go to temple will all family for good wishes. They enjoy their night with family members and friends to burn firecrackers. This is a festival of lights so take it as a light require in our life.

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