Diwali is a festival of light and biggest festival of Hindus. There are much importance of lights and lamps on Diwali festival because this festival comes on no moon night (dark Amavasya) in the Aswin month according to Hindi calendar and there is good spiritual significance of it.

Diwali Lights Candles and Lamps :

It is festival marks the victory of good over evil. People use colorful lights, candles and lamps burn with great charms on this day and celebrated with great enthusiasm. Diwali celebrated to make light on the dark. Many people decorate their house with colorful lights and specifically on a front door of the house to make light in the night.

It is said that where is light there is the goddess Laxmi lives there because goddess laxmi like to come which home is clean and lighten by colorful lights or diyas and where darkness in the house there she does not live, so it is the festival of light.

There are various kinds of lamps in the market people purchase them and penlight these in their home, corridors and

on the door.

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