Diwali is a time of fun and magic of lights. Diwali fairs make the time very magical and tremendous. India is a country of fairs and the carnival of Diwali it celebrated in all around part of country with fairs called Diwali Melas.

Diwali is a festival of glow so in Diwali fairs all types of bazaar decorated with full of lights. In those fairs all types of shop held with good looking decoration. Shops of sweets, fair crackers, toys, fruits, electric items, diyas and lamps, candles and steel items etc. are organized in Diwali Mela.

Diwali is an event of lights for our smiling life. It is organized in all over India by diverse communities. On this day Lord Rama was killed devil Rawana the king of lanka. It is a time to fob watch rows of lights in each street of India in a night.

Exhibitions are the life of festival in India. With no exhibitions and fair we can not imagine festivals. Dhanteras is a famous day in India as a sound day of purchasing new commodities. Dhanteras is first day of five day festival of diwali. It is a day of leading selling day or business day of the whole year.

Diwali is a time of holistic and ritual activities. So on this day largest selling of sweets in quantity has done than other days

of festival. According to people this is the festival which will convey fortune for their life. On this day largest selling being made so merchant can make spare and miscellaneous fraud objects of low quality. So we have to be aware from those types of cheaters.

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