Diwali poems are the hammer way to share our feelings to other on this festival of diwali. A smart diwali poem can set up a path of touching hearts. Through a charm diwali poem a person can give delight to other and can celebrate diwali with emotions.

A poem creator is an artist; each person may be artist on this occasion by making a diwali poem for his relatives. diwali poems are a way of expression and thrill to show for others by touching heartbeats. Here are some Diwali poems as follows:

Diwali Ke Rang :

Ye tyohar hai Bharat ka
Jise kehte hum Diwali hain;
Phodte pataake khushi mein hum
Bachche karte manmaani hain.

Puri galli hamaari jagmagaayi
Diwali ki ladi khoob rang laayi;
Diya rangoli mombatti ke sang
Hum gaye is tyohaar mein rang.

Uncle aunty mithai le aaye
Hum gaye bazaar kapde laaye;
Hui puja Lamxi aayi,
Sabke mann mein khushi chaayi.

Diwali Magic :

This is the season to love and be loved,
A time when all are one;
Spread the word, there is love for all
There is a God, we are his sons.

The lights are bright, the colors explode
Feel the magic of Diwali unfold;
A time to spare moment of thought
For the Gods whose gifts we all have sought.

Wear your finery, dress your best,
Diwali is a time for bliss;
With a prayer on your lips and love in your heart
This is a

day you just can’t miss!

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