The festival of deepavali is the festival of greeting, gifting and enjoying with the memorable moments. It is the ceremony of victory and success over darkness. On this day people celebrate it with various types of activities like praying god, making rangoli, enjoying with firecrackers. Giving gifts to each other and taking sweets.

Delicious sweets are the major part of the festival without sweets we can not imagine a festival to celebrate in is an essential part of the pooja of the goddess and god. After Laxmi poojan person contribute it among the people.

How to Prepare Sweets for Diwali :

In India every festival reminds the delicious sweets. Without sweet no festival can be complete. In making of sweets it consist many type of milk, sugar and flower based various elements. We have to do all the work in a good and hygienic and clean environment, this is a must to do thing.

Varieties of Sweets on the Festival:

On this occasion there are many type of sweets are famous for the use in front of god and for distribution among the people major sweets are: bundi ka laddu, Halwa, kaju katali, gulab jamun, ras gulla, mava etc. which made by the pure ghee and milk.

Sweets are the heart beats of the Indian culture to celebrate their festival and other occasion without it we can not give bless to other on the festival. But now days in Indian market people being selfish to earn so much money they creating fraud to prepare sweets.

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