Doctors are the most important people of our life. They are the survivors of life. There is a saying that doctors are very near or same as god in this world. Doctor’s day is a dedication in honor of those people who are engaging with the treatments and diagnosis to save a person’s life. It is easy to kill a person but it is more difficult to survive a human being so this day is one of most important celebrations in all around the world. In India Doctors Day celebrated each year on date of 1 July.

Doctors Day is started to celebrate firstly as on 30 March, 1933 in USA by Eudora Brown Almond who was the wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond. Doctors Day was celebrated by sending greeting cards with best wishes for their long and healthy life, by sending flowers to the doctors or other type of manners to define the honor of Doctors. In India Doctors Day celebrated with great joys in current time of era because of the their significant role in the society.

Date of Doctors Day In Year 2013: 1 July

Doctors Day is a day which is celebrated to give a honor of those who are working for the health and life of society. In India like it is celebrated on the day of 1st July 2013.

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