Holi is a popular Indian festival; it celebrated all aroundIndia. People in different states have different names for Holi. Dulandi Holi is the name for Holi in the state of Haryana.

Dulandi Holi is the second day of Holi celebrations. On this festival day, people play with colors, they smear colored powders on their friends and relatives faces. Some people dilute the colored powder with water and spray over each other.

Holi and Dulandi Festival In Rajasthan, India:

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Dulandi Holi celebrations start the evening before the actual day of the festival. On the day before Dulandi Holi, it is a tradition to have a bonfire. The bonfire is illuminated at night. It is a belief among Hindus that the bonfire on the day before the Dulandi Holi is the symbol of Demon Holika’s death. Demon Holika is also known as Holika Dahan, the sister of the infamous wicked demon Hiranyakashayp.

The festival has several mythological significance, there are numerous legends attached to it. The most popular belief about the Dulandi Holi is that it the day when the good prevailed over the evil. Another popular belief is that he Dulandi Holi is an indication of the onset of the spring season. People believe that the spring takes inspiration from the myriads of colors of the nature.

In the ancient times people believed that the season in which Dulandi Holi occurs brings numerous changes in the weather conditions, which caused skin diseases and viral attacks. So the playing of Dhulandi holi with colors extracted from natural medicinal herbs was a way to treat these skin diseases. People traditionally used colors extracted from Neem, Haldi (Turmeric) and other medicinal herbs.

All Indian festivals are associated with lavish feats and Holi is no different. After playing with colors, people savor the special delicacies prepared at home. Dulandi Holi surely raises the adrenaline levels of every Indian on the festival day.

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