Durga Puja Festival is observed in Ashwin month. It starts from the day of Mahalaya. Goddess Durga is a form of goddess Shakti. She is a sign of female


Maa Amba

vigor. It is believed that she is a mother of Universe. She has unlimited powers of the Universe. In Sanskrit, the word Durga means “in comprehensive and hard to get”. She is such a great divine power.

Myths Related With Durga Puja Festival :

There are many myths to celebrate the Durga puja festival. Some myths are given below:

It is believed that goddess Durga came on the earth to kill a cruel demon Mahishasur. Mahishasur had got unbeatable strengths. No one was able to defeat him even lord Shiva and Vishnu.

His cruelness was increasing day by day so to stop his brutality and to kill him a joint power of Goddess Shakti came on the earth. She killed the cruel demon Mahishasur. After this she is known as a “Mahishasurmardani”. To remark this day, Durga Puja festival is celebrated.

According to a great spiritual epic “Ramayana” lord Rama also had linked with Durga Puja. King Ravan had kidnapped lord Rama’s wife Seeta. Before he was going for a battle with Lankapati Ravan to release his wife Seeta, he did durga puja to get success in the war. So, it is also known as the Akal Bodhan.

Bhajan of Goddess Durga:

Many bhajans are written for the Durga puja. A beautiful bhajan we can see as follows:

Ambey Bhavani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakth Janonke
Sankatahaarani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakt Janonkey
Parthipuri Sai Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Prem Bhaav Sey Pooja Karey Theree.

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