Today people have become more conscious when it comes to celebrating festivals. There are several festivals celebrated inIndiawhich involve use of substances that cause damage to environment. Some of the festivals that are highlighted on environmentalist list for pollution are Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Holi.

Environmentalist cry foul over different aspects of Holi celebration. Holi festival attracts attention of environmentalist due to harmful substances used in the colored powders used during celebrations. The chemicals used in the colors are harmful for skin and can do considerable damage to humans as well as environment.

Celebrating an eco-friendly Holi at Your Home :

The other aspect of Holi which is targeted by active environmentalist is Holi fire which is burned during celebrations. People make big Holi bonfires which releases tons of carbon in atmosphere. Studies reveal that each bonfire uses around 100 kg of wood.  There are around 30,000 bonfires lit in state likeGujaratalone. If you  take into consideration the number of bonfires lit across the country, you will understand how much wood is unnecessarily burned which also leads to tones of carbon emission in that particular night during the  festival.

Gulal which is the primary color used for Holi celebrations contains silica or asbestos which are harmful for health. The Gulal also has some heavy metals which can trigger asthma and also affect your eyes and skin in adverse ways. Besides, this Holi celebration also has Wet Holi.  On wet Holi people mixes colors in water and drench each other. Environmentalist have an opinion that this is sheer wastage of valuable water and not feasible when several cities and many parts of the country face shortage of drinking water.

Many organization that support green celebrations of festivals advocate use of natural colors which can be made easily at home. People can also use colors made from vegetables. You will see several environmentalists active during this season advocating eco-friendly way of celebrating Holi.

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