Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse is one of the major and momentous events of space. During that time of lunar eclipse earth stands in middle of sun and moon. Lunar eclipse is an interesting movement of moon around earth. during that time of lunar eclipse it affects various people related to various zodiac sign. This is very auspicious moment in Hindu religion.

In Hindu religion it is believed that Chandra Grahan may be effective for people who worship lord moon on this day. Lunar eclipse observes normally on no moon day or Purnima day.

Dates of Chandra Grahan 2012 :

  • Jun 4, 2012 Vrichika Rasi
  • Nov 28, 2012 Vrichika Rasi

According to Indian astrologer’s lunar eclipse in generally has a bad omen. This is not a good moment in Hindu religion but it may be brings good results for some of people. Lunar eclipse effects individual side. It affects personal or private things of a person. This is very healthy for ruler, administrative or governmental side. This is only affecting a person’s social behavior and personal things. It may be also effect domestic issues of a person.

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