Surya Grahan is a process in which sun looks like acquire by other things or planets. According to Indian astrologers surya grahan in India is taking place dhanu rashi to chandra rashi in year of 2011 as on 4th of January. it is a process in which a sign transits into other sign of astrology. 4th January is a date on which Surya Grahan will perform. This surya graham will brings good results for Pisces zodiac, Cancer zodiac, Libra zodiac and for Aquarius zodiac.

This surya graham of 4th January can bring bad results for Sagittarius zodiac, Virgo zodiac, Taurus zodiac and Capricorn zodiac. This surya grahan will brings mixed effects or results for Aries zodiac, Gemini zodiac and Leo zodiac. This surya grahan of 4th of January in 2011 will brings good results for some of zodiacs, will brings bad results for some zodiacs an will brings mixture of results for other zodiacs. For those zodiacs which are effecting badly by this surya grahan can chant lord Shiva’s mantras. It will be effectual for those people who are effecting badly. Prediction of this surya grahan is in moon sign.

Surya Grahan in 2011: 4th of January:

Surya Grahan in year of 2011 will be done as on 4th of January. This surya grahan is a process of solar system of universe. This surya grahan will bring different effects for various zodiacs. This surya grahan will be complete as on 4th of January in 2011.

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