Eid-ul-Zuha Festival is a very holy festival of muslim people. Eid-ul-Zuha Festival is celebrated after the fasting month of Ramzan. Younger boys & girls gets Edee from older ones as a pocket money. This day the people of muslim community is observe fast and they break it during full moon night with food and sweets. They goes to mosque and pray for them and their families. They embrace each other. Several people donate money, food and cloth on this day.

The people of muslim community goes in mosques and Eidgahs and offers pray. in the evening people celebrates this festival of eid with quawalies, fireworks and sweets. On this occasion Muslims pilgrims goes to their holy place Mecca and Medina and ajmer sharief etc. This day ladies prepare sweets for family on there home. at evening all family members get together and eat food & sweets.

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