The Elephant Festival is a very good and eye catching festival which can be celebrated every year at the time of holi at Jaipur city of rajasthan India. The elephant takes an important place in Indian mythology. music, dance and another rajasthani caltural programmes are the major parts of this elephants festival of jaipur and it is held at Jaipur Chaugan Stadium. many Indian people and foreign tourist also come jaipur to watch the celebration.

The elephant festival of jaipur begins with a procession of elephants, camels, horses and rajasthani folk dancers. some elephants do a catwalk in a line, elephant run races, Tug of war and polo games are the main attraction of this elephant festival of jaipur. elephants are decorated with different colour, clothes and ornaments. attractive painting are made on their forehead, trunks and feet with different colours. Prizes are given for the most beautifully decorated elephant.

RTDC the rajasthan tourism development corporation has started the elephant festival celebration before 10-11 years ago. now this elephant festival of jaipur is become a very popular, attractive and big celebration in a year.

The polo game is also a main point of attraction for the visitor. two teams wearing saffron and red turbans try to win the match. they plays hathi polo with there long sticks and a football.

teams try to score more and more goals during the polo match. at last the Indian and foreigner tourists are invited to mount the elephants and then they play Holi. The elephants festival of jaipur rajasthan event is very enjoyable to watch.

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