Emergence of goddess Laxmi is also interesting story according to our mythological books. It is started when devas fight with assures for amrit, born by samundra manthan. The actual story started when great sage durvasa reach to Indra for some work but he was ignoring him.

Emergence of Goddess Lakshmi By Samudra Manthan:


After it durvasa became angry with his ill- behavior and give him a cursed that is “Lakshmi will forsake you”. Suddenly Indra got his mistake and begged mercy for him. Durvas said to her that “Lord Vishnu will do right for you”.

As the result of curse Indra was lost the power of wealth. Laxmi was left him and demon attacked on his empire than he was run to save his life. After it Indra went to Lord Vishnu with the help of his guru brahspati and begged him to save his life. Lord Vishnu said to him to make the demons his friends and got ready for churn to sea of milk (samundra manthan). In samundra manthan Amrit was produced and it received by Indra. After it they got back their wealth and power. Laxmi was appeared and give her blessed to Indra.

It is the story of birth of goddess Laxmi. After it people celebrate Diwali as a festival of health, wealth and prosperity. At the third day of this festival people do Laxmi pooja and celebrate it with beautiful decoration and with a joy of firecrackers.

Ratna’s which was Produced by Samudra Manthan :

1. Chandra
2. Parijat
3. Airavat
4. Kamadhenu cow
5. Uchchaihsravas
6. Sankha
7. Gada
8. Laxmi
9. Rambha
10. Ratnas
11. Kalpavriksha
12. Dhanwantari
13. Mada
14. Amrit

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