Mahamastakabhisheka Ceremony of Shravanabelagola:

Mahamastakabhisheka is very famous and popular festival in the world. Mahamasthakabhisheka is very important festival according to the Jainism or the Jain peoples. The words Mahamastakabhisheka is a combination of three words which literally means ‘the head anointing ceremony’. mahamastakabhisheka have very deeply meaning. The words Mahamastakabhisheka is a combination of three words.

We can describe these three words like this :-

  • Maha – It means great, very excellent
  • Masthaka – It means head
  • Abhisheka – anointing, coronation.

Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony is called Mahamasthakabhisheka not Masthakabhisheka because Mahamastakabhisheka is the ‘head anointing ceremony’ which performed only one time in the 12 years. the statue of Lord Bahubali is fifty seven feet high monolithic statue at Shravanabelagola.

The earliest one on record took place in 1398 A.D. and the latest in 1953 A.D. One of the highlights of the event in 2006 is the head anointing is held for nine days. According to the previous editions where the anointing was only for a single day. This event is being be held under the leadership of his holiness swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Shravanabelagola.

According to the Jainism this worship is always fruitful and useful for the up lift ment of the our soul, but the day of festival or Mahamastakabhisheka is a very special day of worshiping and there is always an ancient event joined with the day. The Mahamastakabhisheka has some special kind of rites that can increase merits for our future.

On this day more penance, more worship, more religious activities are done on the day of mahamasthakabhisheka. Our soul can create or bind the ‘ayushya karma’ of the next births in future.  Every time Mahamastakabhisheka is celebrated with some special rules and principles. The rites of worship and activities have some special kind of importance in Jain festivals. so this festival Mahamastakabhisheka is very important according to the Jainism.

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