Sankranti called the bullocks festival in India. The Festival comes every year on 14th January. on this bullock festival cattle fair held at different places where many camels, bullocks and horses are sold and purchased by animal lover people. In all over this festival is called by different names.

This festival is related to Harvesting the food grains. In south India it called pongal and in Karnataka it called Sankranti. This festival goes on for ten days. feasting, boat races, songs and dance are also major part of this festivals.

On this day peoples fly kites and gives sweets to each others. on this bullocks festival all cows and bullocks are beautifully decorated. sweets are also prepared with rice. In the evening time, the cattle are led out in procession to the beat of drums and music. It is the one of the most joyful festival in INDIA that celebrated by all NATION.

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  1. hariom balhara
    October 10th, 2009 | 1:47 pm

    i love festival bcoz it takes very happy & joy

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