Navratri Mata
Maa Amba with Ganesh

Story of Ganesh

Every September we bring Lord Ganesha at our place and do aartis and take care of them. We make homemade sweets i.e modaks and many other sweets using traditional on our stove. Many guests arrive to take blessings of the Bappa, but do you know the story of Bappa? Go through the article and by the end of it you will know the full story.

One day Goddess Parvati was at home on Mt.Kailash getting ready for a shower. As she would not like to be exasperates, she told Nandi, her better half Shiva’s Bull, to monitor the entryway and let nobody pass. Nandi loyally took his post, expecting to do Parvati’s desires.

Be that as it may, when Shiva returned home and normally needed to come inside, Nandi needed to allow him to pass, being faithful first to Shiva. Parvati resented this slight, however considerably more than this, at the way that she had nobody as faithful to Herself as Nandi was to Shiva.

Thus, taking the turmeric glue (for washing) from her body and reviving it, she made Ganesha, announcing him to be her own dedicated child. Whenever Parvati wished to wash, she posted Ganesha on watchman obligation at the entryway. At the appointed time, Shiva got back home, just to locate this weird kid disclosing to him he couldn’t go into his own home! Angry, Shiva requested his military to pulverize the kid, however they all fizzled! Such power did Ganesha have, being simply the child of Devi! This amazed Shiva.

Seeing this was no conventional kid, the normally tranquil Shiva chose he would need to battle him, and in his perfect anger cut off Ganesha’s head, slaughtering him in a flash. At the point when Parvati educated of this, she was so irritated and offended that she chose to crush the whole Creation! Master Brahma, being the Creator, normally had his issues with this, and argued that she reevaluate her radical arrangement.

She said she would, however just if two conditions were met: one, that Ganesha be breathed life into back, and two, that he be always adored before the various divine beings. Shiva, having chilled off at this point, and understanding his misstep, consented to Parvati’s conditions. He sent Brahma out with requests to bring back the leader of the principal animal he crosses that is laying with its head confronting North. And that how shive bringed back Ganesha to life.

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